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We need a new digital infrastructure to enable basic human rights when active online.

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We are exploring the domain of 'logging on'. We firmly believe the time has come to reset our thinking as members of society how we appreciate and make use of connectivity. What is 'identity'?, What is 'person data ownership'?, What is a 'speech interface'? What is 'smart human aware AI'?

Currently, we are researching 'Authentication', 'Access Codes' and 'Teaching a chat bot'. We are also diving into the domain of 'AI and Ethics'.

We have also started organising Log on to X Talks.

Privacy Design on Social Network Sites

On 17 September Marin Beijerbacht gave a presentation on her Bachelor thesis.

You can connect with Marin via

Privacy Design on Mobile Instant Messaging Social Networks: A Review Using User Requirements

Watch this communication space for dates.

Workshop 'The Privacy Bot' (coming soon)

Next Talk: 28 June (full)

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