Public Access Code Exchange


PACE is about logging on to the public domain on your own 'time restricted' terms.

The basic idea

Digital interactions between individuals and with public organizations (including the municipality itself) can be seen as a 'transaction', an agreement.

Initial Q&A

What is at the heart of the PACE solution?

Short answer:

Time-bound communication, authentication, data minimization, privacy, user control

How does it work in practice?

Short answer:

A user logs on to a service in a public space via an application. When registering, the user receives an overview of which person data is used for the service. The user can minimize this. The user then indicates how long she/he wants to use the service. The user can then indicate that the data that has been used after the service should be deleted. If there is a sensitivity about the identity of the user, she/he can also make anonymous, but authenticated use of the service.

An early concept of the module is currently being tested.