Exploring Bad Bots

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We are exploring the domain of 'logging on'. We firmly believe the time has come to reset our thinking as members of society how we appreciate and make use of connectivity. What is 'identity'?, What is 'person data ownership'?, What is a 'speech interface'? What is 'smart human aware AI'? Currently, we are researching 'Authentication', 'Access Codes' and 'Teaching a chat bot'. We are also diving into the domain of 'AI and Ethics'. Another question which is popping up is 'How to preferably log on to the Metaverse?', So we are on that too;)

A discussion we are having is 'What is a Bad Bot?'.

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Monday 19 September, Amsterdam

Reflection paper to stimulate dialogue:

Bad Bots: an Ethical Perspective on Influencing Discourse with Machines

2nd edition*

Marin Beijerbacht

This is a concept version pending review.

Final version will be made available soon.


Here is a selection.

‘Is That Social Bot Behaving Unethically?’


‘Social bots are ruining the internet for the rest of us’


‘Social media bots draw public’s attention and concern’


‘I built a personal chat bot — why i love it, and you’ll love yours too’


‘This bot will send you free recommendations of books by black authors’


‘Chatbots are a danger to democracy’